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Order fondant cake for your special occasions from FaridabadCake

There is no season for ordering cake. Throughout the year, some of the other kinds of events, parties, or celebrations with our friends, family, and loved ones require special orders of cakes. None of us want to go for basic cakes these days. Thus, there are a lot of options of unique and different options available in the market. A double layer cake or a fondant cake is the two most favorite. If you are someone who wants to give a personalized and unique gift to your friends, family, and loved ones, fondant cakes are the best choice. You can express your feelings with it or make them feel valued by creating something that is only about them. It will make them feel very special and result in a beautiful bond together.

Cake Flavours Cake Types Our Speciality
Chocolate Cake Birthday Cake Same Day Delivery
Black Forest Cake Anniversary Cake Midnight Delivery
Butterscotch Cake Engagement Cake 100% Eggless Cakes
Red Velvet Cake Wedding Cake

Order Fondant cakes online with different flavors and designs

The best about a fondant birthday cake or anniversary fondant cake ordered from FaridabadCake is the variety of different and innumerable flavors and designs. It is nothing less than an art. And one should only order it from a place with the expertise and experience in making these pieces of edible art. FaridabadCake proudly says that they deliver their best to make your celebration special. You can choose the flavor and filling of your choice and whatever design you want to go it. Tell all the details in theory, and the magic will make it into reality!

Right from wedding cakes with special imitation dolls of the bride and groom to cartoon fondant cakes for a kid’s birthday party, or anniversary cake design with fondant decorations for the couple to designer cakes for birthday including makeup, shopping, alcohol, favorite sport, books, and so many more as a topping of the cake, you can play around with it.

Some other options of fondant cake include emoji cakes, trophy cakes, game cakes, adult cakes, shape cakes- round, cylindrical, heart, bottle, mobile phone, laptop, cup, gift box, camera, car, dolls, and many others. For office theme cakes, you can go for a work desk, a conference room kind of a cake. You can go for instrument shape cakes like table, flute, guitar, drum, etc. There are also some basic designs available, like white fondant with real flowers on top of it. Concluding, with so many designs available, there won’t be any compromise on the taste of the cake you order for your special event. And FaridabadCake will take care of this!

Order Fondant cake online for birthdays and anniversaries online

When it comes to fondant cake designs for birthdays or other special occasions, you have a lot of different plans and thoughts in your mind to make it extra fun and exciting. If you choose FaridabadCake as a part of your celebrations, they will make sure the delivery delicious fondant cakes or semi fondant cakes that are super fresh for consumption. They aim to cater to all kinds of people and their preferences of different styles, types, and flavors for the cake menu. Along with basic cakes, it gives you the option of various out-of-the-box designs. People at FaridabadCake also help and assist you in choosing a particular designer cake in confusion. So order from here whenever you want to enhance your celebration with a unique and personalized cake!

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

What is a fondant cake?

When a regular cake is draped with a rolled playdough like sugar paste, it is called a fondant cake. There is no normal icing on the cake. The layer of the cream is in between the cake, and it is topped with fondant.

How to store a fondant cake?

If a fondant cake is left after the celebration, you can wrap it up in plastic wrap. Or transfer it into an airtight container to keep it either at room temperature or in the refrigerator

How long does a fondant cake last?

If you keep it at room temperature, the fondant cake could last for three days. It really depends on the weather and temperature of your place. However, if the filling inside it is perishable, it won’t even last overnight.

Can fondant cake be refrigerated?

Keeping a fondant cake in the refrigerator is not suggested because it might attract moisture. The outer layer can also get a lot chewy and not fit for consumption. However, you can cut it and put it into airtight boxes for a day if you want to eat it the next.

How to store fondant cake overnight?

The fondant is a dough, so it dries out as soon as it comes in contact with the air. So, if you want to store a fondant cake overnight, you can either wrap it up with a clean foil or put it in an airtight container.

What does a fondant cake taste like?

A fondant cake tastes good if consumed fresh. There is a sweet dough-like taste to it with a good bite. So, if you are someone who has a developed a taste for it, you can definitely go for it.

Does fondant cake taste good?

It really depends on your taste, but FaridabadCake make the best fondant cakes. Here you get the cake with premium quality ingredients that melt in your mouth and do not give out any unpleasant feeling. So, don’t worry, the cakes will definitely taste good!

Where can I buy a fondant cake?

If you are a local, you can get it made from FaridabadCake. If you stay away from your families, you can definitely order a fondant cake online to make them feel your presence and surprise them.

Where can I buy a fondant cake in Gurgaon?

Your one-stop destination for all kinds of cakes, including the fondant ones, is FaridabadCake. They ensure the beauty and taste is on their best to make your special days extra special.


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