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  • Real Flower Cake

    Real Flower Cake

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  • Pink and White 2 Tier Cake

    Pink and White 2 Tier Cake

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  • Elegant Two Tier Wedding Cake

    Anniversary Theme Cake

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  • Elegant Two Tier Wedding Cake

    Elegant Two Tier Wedding Cake

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  • Elegant White and Gold Cake

    Elegant White and Gold Cake

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  • Romantic Wedding Cake

    Romantic Wedding Cake

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  • 3 Layer Wedding Cake

    3 Layer Wedding Cake

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  • Wedding Couple Cake

    Wedding Couple Cake

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  • Happy Wedding Anniversary Cake

    Happy Wedding Anniversary Cake

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  • 2 Tier White Cake With Flowers

    2 Tier White Cake With Flowers

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  • She Said Yes Cake

    She Said Yes Cake

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  • 2 Tier Wedding Cake with Flowers

    2 Tier Wedding Cake with Fl...

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  • 4 Floor Wedding Cake

    4 Floor Wedding Cake

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  • Cake With Real Flowers

    Cake With Real Flowers

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  • 25th Anniversary Cream Cake

    25th Anniversary Cream Cake

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  • 25th Silver Jubilee Cake

    25th Silver Jubilee Cake

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  • Silver Wedding Anniversary Cake

    Silver Wedding Anniversary ...

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  • Couple 25th Anniversary Cake

    Couple 25th Anniversary Cake

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  • Two Tier 25th Anniversary Cake

    Two Tier 25th Anniversary Cake

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  • Cherry Blossom Cake

    Cherry Blossom Cake

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  • 2 Tier Cream Cake

    2 Tier Cream Cake

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  • Happy Anniversary Hearts Cake

    Happy Anniversary Hearts Cake

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  • Anniversary Special Cake

    Anniversary Special Cake

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  • Anniversary Butterscotch Cake

    Anniversary Butterscotch Cake

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  • Chocolate Anniversary Cake

    Chocolate Anniversary Cake

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  • Heart Love Cake

    Heart Love Cake

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  • Red Heart Cake

    Red Heart Cake

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  • Calendar Theme Cake

    Calendar Theme Cake

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  • Yummy Anniversary Cupcakes

    Yummy Anniversary Cupcakes

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  • Romantic Couple Anniversary Cake

    Romantic Couple Anniversary...

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Order Anniversary Cakes Online from FaridabadCake

An anniversary is a day to hold dear everything, which makes the amount of relationship what it is. No matter the breakthrough, an anniversary is always a special celebratory moment in a relationship. In conclusion, it is the day to tell your partner that each passing day with them is better than before. It’s a day to celebrate your togetherness. Celebrating anniversaries means celebrating all the missed opportunities to correct your flaws, and it helps strengthen a relationship. Hence, whenever there is a celebration, you ought to choose a lip-smacking cake. We at FaridabadCake can help you design remarkable anniversary cakes in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Gurgaon and help you make this special day perfect.

Marriage Anniversary Cakes Varieties for couples

Talking about the variation, FaridabadCake has a huge range of marriage anniversary cakes for couples available at the store. Every couple wants to cherish this day and make it quite memorable. Gifts and flowers are not enough to express your feelings. We humans use food to celebrate every important event and bond the family together. What is more important than completing 1 complete year of marriage? It is a milestone, whether it is a 1st or 25th, or 50th marriage anniversary.

So, why not celebrate it with the best wedding anniversary cakes and some naughty adult cake designs for couples? Who does not love a surprise? This is the day to think of both you and your partner. By creating wonders, you keep the excitement alive up to the end. When something unexpected happens that you would have never thought of, the feeling of excitement and thrill is on another level. Express your emotions for your wife by buying a surprise anniversary cake for your wife.

Beautiful happy anniversary cake online order

It is time for the female partner to take the lead. Make your husband feel that even he is important to you, and you will go up to a level to celebrate your togetherness. Ask him to leave it on you for the anniversary day celebration. We have some of the best anniversary cakes in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad.

Every partner loves to see your pictures together. So, if you are out of any other gift ideas to impress your partner, choose the Photo cakes for your anniversary cake design. Therefore, this is the best idea to touch the soul of your loved one and help you to have a direct impact on the mood. Pick the best picture and the best cake and leave it to our chefs to do the rest of your job. You can think of a heart shape design that represents the ‘central wisdom of feeling as opposed to the head-wisdom of reason .’ It symbolizes love, compassion, care, and affection towards one another.

An anniversary is a day to celebrate your LOVE, Isn’t it! Then, what would be the perfect cake other than the heart-shaped cake for you and your partner? If you are about to celebrate your anniversary especially. However, this is one of the best-selling happy anniversary cakes in Delhi and is primarily given to the people who are closest to you. Isn’t your partner the closest? Then, surely bet the firm and buy this cake. For instance, anniversaries only come once a year, and they should be celebrated with all zeal and passion.

Anniversary Cakes ideas for friends and family

6-months Anniversary Cake-congratulations! You have completed six months of your relationship; let’s celebrate it. A semi-anniversary is meant for all the new love birds out there. This represents that you are in a stable ongoing relationship, and finally, stay forever together. You can order such caked for your friends and family members as a gesture of encouragement and blessing. Be it a big feast or a small celebration of your people or your own; you need a cake. Order your 6-month anniversary cake for your first half relationship celebration from FaridabadCake. If your parent’s wedding anniversary is knocking, you must order.

The beautiful bond your parents share inspires you to have faith in the magical powers of love every day. You always pray that their love increases ten times throughout the years. If you plan to celebrate their anniversary in the most pleasant and yet keep it simple manner, we are here to help you out. Why not buy an anniversary cake for parents, write a small handmade letter for them and make a short video to leave them with a nostalgic feeling? Tell them how much they inspire you and their importance in your life. Celebrate the two greatest blessings of your life with us. They will be thrilled to see your little effort to make their day special.

Anniversary cake online order in Delhi NCR

The day calls for a huge celebration if you have seen your grandparents’ love still alive. This year, your grandparent’s anniversary is hitting the mark. Is this their 50th anniversary or 55th!? Doesn’t matter, though. However, anniversaries are a delightful event, especially when it comes to grandparents. Since family is everything in one’s life, you would want to give them all the love and excitement on their day. Grandparents are an example that love never fails. Order fresh and delicious marriage anniversary cakes for grandparents at the best price from our shop. Combine anniversary gifts with the marriage anniversary cake to make it more special.

Anniversary Cakes Online Delivery

Are you away from home? Missing your better half on your most special day? Make them feel special and missed with lovely anniversary cakes in Faridabad with a personalized message. There is nothing better to sweeten up your relationship other than with a beautifully decorated and lavishly delicious cake, leaving our bakery. Doesn’t matter whether it’s your first anniversary, 25th anniversary, or 50th anniversary, surprises always make people happy. Just keep memorizing your previous anniversary celebration and do something new for the upcoming anniversary now. We have multiple options to give a midnight anniversary surprise to your loved ones.

Send Anniversary Cakes Online To Faridabad

We also offer customized anniversary cakes in Faridabad, where you can share the idea of a cake you have been wanting for your occasion and see it turn into a reality with our skilled bakers. You can also choose various combo gifts at our bakery near you, with your cakes to add a unique touch to your present. Put in your trust with us, and we will never disappoint you.

Place your orders and make your occasion special with our services. Feel free to contact us for any queries and we promise to make each of your occasions much more special and memorable. You can choose an anniversary photo cake, and also send an anniversary cake with roses. Or if you want to design a cake then keep sending us your anniversary cake design and will bake the same for you.

Frequently Asked Question by Customers:

Which cake is best for an anniversary?

Every flavor is up to the mark in our shop. We will suggest going for red-velvet cake as it is the second most popular cake. You can also go for chocolate cakes, as who does not love chocolates.

Where to order the anniversary cake in Delhi?

Faridabadcake is on the way to your help. You can find the best online cakes in our store.

Can I get a cake for my first anniversary?

It is the chance to look back and reflect on how you both have managed to make it through 1 complete year of staying in a healthy relationship. Therefore, you should celebrate it. And what always goes with a celebration, a cake, of course.

Do you offer anniversary theme cakes?

Yes, FaridabadCake has a variety of theme cakes available for anniversaries. Take a look at our website, scroll down and select the theme which you want us to customize for you.


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