Christmas Cakes

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  • Plum Cake with Raisins

    Plum Cake with Raisins

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  • Delicious Almond Plum Cake

    Delicious Almond Plum Cake

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  • Cashew Nuts Plum Cake

    Cashew Nuts Plum Cake

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  • Chocolate Walnuts Dry Cake

    Chocolate Walnuts Dry Cake

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  • Santa Theme Cupcakes [6]

    Santa Theme Cupcakes [6]

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  • Christmas Cupcake [Set of 6]

    Christmas Cupcake [Set of 6]

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  • Beautiful Merry Christmas Cake

    Beautiful Merry Christmas Cake

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  • Merry Christmas Photo Cake

    Merry Christmas Photo Cake

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  • Santa Face Cake

    Santa Face Cake

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  • Xmas Chocolate Cake

    Xmas Chocolate Cake

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  • Beautiful Floral Xmas Cake

    Beautiful Floral Xmas Cake

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  • Delightful Christmas Cake

    Delightful Christmas Cake

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  • Red and White Santa Cake

    Red and White Santa Cake

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  • Santa Claus Cake

    Santa Claus Cake

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  • Sale! Delectable Plum Cake

    Delectable Plum Cake

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  • Yummy Plum Cake Combo

    Yummy Plum Cake Combo

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  • Rich Plum Cake Combo

    Rich Plum Cake Combo

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  • Plum Cake & Chocolate Combo

    Plum Cake & Chocolate ...

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  • Eggless Christmas Cake

    Eggless Christmas Cake

    Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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  • Christmas Theme Cake

    Christmas Theme Cake

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  • Christmas Tree Cake

    Christmas Tree Cake

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  • Chocolate Christmas Cake

    Chocolate Christmas Cake

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  • Plum Cake with Mixed Roses

    Plum Cake with Mixed Roses

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  • Merry Christmas Cake

    Merry Christmas Cake

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  • Christmas Fruit Cake

    Christmas Fruit Cake

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  • Christmas Cakes

    Christmas Cakes

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  • Xmas Cake

    Xmas Cake

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  • Christmas Cake with 10 Roses Bouquet

    Christmas Cake with 10 Rose...

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Order Christmas Cakes Online Delivery

At Faridabadcake, we offer a huge variety of traditional Christmas Cakes that you can order directly from our website. We offer free shipping of Christmas cake in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. So, Order Christmas Cakes online at the best price.

Christmas Cake Types Prices
Plum Cake [800 gm] 1099
Christmas Fruit Cake [1kg] 1050
Christmas Tree Cake [1kg] 1149
Photo Cake [500 gm] 899
Santa Cake [500gm] 899
Snowman Cake [1kg] 1499

Chant Hallelujah This Christmas & Enjoy Yummy Christmas Cake

“Christmas” whenever we hear this word, our mind fills with hope, and our heart pounds with joy. As per the study, 38.6% of people started preparing the arrangements for this festival a month prior. They start ordering Christmas cakes online, decorating their homes, and scheduling a list of guests for a grand party. You can buy other things hassle-free, but when discussing Xmas cake, you must be very careful. So many considerations you need to consider when ordering such cakes.

Christmas Cake made with fresh ingredients is the only reason for your smile. You may order a cake of your choice from anywhere, but when you order it from FaridabadCake, you won’t regret your call. Let’s discuss more and give you exciting reasoning.

Merry Christmas Cakes from FaridabadCake: You Can’t-Miss Ordering

Cakes are a delicate form of food and, if made incorrectly, can push your mood into the bushes. You may feel embarrassed in front of your guests. So ordering Christmas cake online from FaridabadCake is your best option. Chefs are experienced and hold relevant education. They know every in’s and out of preparing a delicate cake for their customers. Chefs implement all safety measures and ensure no cross-contamination while preparing yummy Christmas tree cakes.

Get Christmas Theme Cake Delivered In NCR: Quickly

Here comes the good news! Christmas is around the corner, and most other bakeries are occupied with their cakes order. It might be possible to stop taking your order a couple of days before Christmas. But when you trust FaridabadCake, they won’t disappoint their customers. They have the resources to deliver delicious and jaw-dropping cakes to your doorsteps; regardless you are living in Faridabad or NCR locality. Fresh Christmas cakes and quick delivery is their signature promise.

100% Eggless Cakes at FaridabadCake: Order Now

In our Indian culture, 85.6% of people are vegetarian food lovers. This means that they can’t consume non-veg contains food, and that includes eggs. But, at FaridabadCake, the good news is that they prepare 100% eggless plum cake. You might wonder how to design a cake without using eggs. Well, we are leaving in the 21st century, where anything is possible with the assistance of science. A decade ago, people couldn’t think about a cake without eggs, but now it is. Here we have discovered some advantages of consuming eggless cakes:

  • Improve digestion
  • It makes you feel light
  • Enhance your mood (from low to high)
  • Boost your mind and body energy
  • Suitable for people high in cholesterol

Midnight Delivery Possible at FaridabadCake: Book Your Order now

What will you do when you order your favorite Santa Cake? You will probably order between 10 am to 10 pm max. Right? But when you think of FaridabadCake, they have a different story to tell. Their uniqueness is that they deliver your favorite cake at midnight and right in front of your doorstep. Isn’t that amazing?

Last Bite (Don’t Miss It)

This is all from our pen. But hang on, this is not an end; it is the beginning of the wisdom of cakes you will enjoy learning in the coming days. Order your Christmas cake online from FaridabadCake, enjoy this festival with your near and dear ones, and keep chanting Hallelujah. The best cake delivery platform is guaranteed and can’t be found in or nearby NCR. Order Now!

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers:

What is the best cake for Christmas?

FaridabadCake has a range of Christmas cakes available, but you can order chocolate, which is their hot selling.

Which Christmas cake is best?

As mentioned earlier, Chocolate Christmas cake is an ideal option; apart from that, you can think of Christmas tree cake and plum cake as another option.

Where to buy Christmas cake online?

You can buy Christmas cake from FaridabadCake. We deliver cake to your doorstep and even at midnight as well.

What is the price of a Christmas Cake?

The price of Christmas cake begins from INR 699.

Can I send gifts along with a Xmas cake?

Yes, you can send gifts along with a Xmas cake. All you need to do is leave remarks in the comment section while ordering online.


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