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A cake constitutes a major part of all our celebrations. They are one of those things that everyone looks forward to while organizing an event or attending one. From elders to kids, everyone loves cake. Also, when you celebrate any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement, promotion, or other happy or successful ceremonies, you invite many people. Because the feeling of joy only expands when shared with our near dear and loved ones. In this way, the event becomes even more special and fun. And you wouldn’t want to go with basic cakes here. Thus, layer cakes are a great option to go for. They will enhance the excitement of your event, add more beauty to your cake, and will keep the deliciousness intact.

2 Layer & 3 Layer Cake Type Prices
50th Wedding Anniversary Cake 1999
3 Tier Pineapple Cake 2299
2 Tier Black Forest Birthday Cake 2799
Kitten Theme First Birthday Cake 3499
1st Birthday Cakes For Boys 3050
Tom and Jerry Cake 3199
Silver Jubilee Cake 8399

Why should you choose a layer of cake for your special occasion?

There are also various options of designs and quantities to choose from when it comes to layer cakes. No matter what you desire and for which celebration you pick. They will surely double the amount of fun in your gala celebration.

2 tier cakes have been a huge part of weddings and anniversaries because of the event’s grandeur. Along with other preparations, the cake is also finalized way before the date and day of the wedding. A lot of planning goes into it. First of all, what will be the flavor of the cake? Secondly, the quantity required, next to the decoration. And topping off the cake according to the theme and choice of the bride and groom. Some like to play it safe, and some try to experiment with it. There is also a lot of fun with the colors of the cake. Classic white is the usual choice, but nowadays, people also go for red, lavender, beige, brown, multicolor, etc.

Order 2 Tier Cakes for birthdays or anniversary celebration

Apart from being a perfect choice for a large gathering like weddings, you can also go for a 6-month birthday cake, 2-tier birthday cake, or a 3 layer birthday cake. If you are ordering it for your kids, you can have fun with the colors and themes of the cake. You can add elements of their favorite cartoon shows, favorite animals, and toys. You can also go with a natural theme like sea, mountain, forest, river, etc. 2 tier cake adorned with real flowers are also a favorite pick for birthday celebrations. A monotonous cake with vibrant flowers on it, especially roses, is also a good choice for making birthdays extra special.

Faridabad Cake also has options in simple 2-layer cake designs or special anniversary cake designs that you can choose from. A fondant cake is also a trendy option if you want to ditch the regular one and do something different. You can also ask for a double layer cake with fondant to enhance the fun of your party, event, or celebration. Overall, double layer cakes are becoming ideal for each and every get-together.

Gorgeous 3 layer cakes for all your grand occasions:

When there is a gathering of more people, including your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, etc., the occasion becomes grand, and the requirement for food and desserts also increases. People usually go with multiple cakes so that the quantity of them is sufficient. They do not really think of a double-layer cake or a multi-layer cake. But it is gradually growing to be a favorite pick when it comes to ordering cakes. These cakes attract people in a more exciting and fun way and do not compromise on taste at any cost. The effort and the expertise that goes into making it truly makes it stand out. Therefore, if you think of going for 3 layer cakes in Faridabad for your next big party or event, make sure you order from the right place.

Why choose layer cakes from Faridabad Cakes?

When it comes to ordering a 2-tier cake or a 3-layer cake in Delhi on other special occasions. You have a lot of different plans and thoughts in your mind. And, of course, a lot of confusion. Thus, if you choose FaridabadCake as a part of your celebrations, they’ll help you out with ordering the right kind of cake that looks beautiful and super tasty. They’ll make sure that the delivery of delicious layer cake designs is fresh and on time.

FaridabadCake aims to cater to all kinds of people and their preferences of different styles, types, and flavors for the cake menu. From birthdays to housewarming ceremonies, from weddings to anniversaries, from your kids’ first birthday to your parent’s golden jubilees, you can choose and order multi-tier cakes online from FaridabadCake. In case of absence or in short of time, we try our best to deliver only the best for you so that you keep visiting us for all your special days!


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