Dog Birthday Cakes

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A special dog cake for your pawsome friend!

Cakes always make our day special. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, or any other events. Another occasion that requires a special cake is your furry pawsome friend. Nowadays we also celebrate their birthdays as grand as we celebrate ours. After all, they are also an important and special part of our families. But just like ordering cakes for humans is a confusing task, selecting dog birthday cakes is also quite complex. Especially with the availability of so many exciting options that we get nowadays, it is difficult to select one. Yes, you heard it right, curating a dog cake or a puppy cake is also an art and only the right people can do it!

Cake Flavours Cake Types Our Speciality
Puppy Cake 2199 Half Kg
Pug Birthday Cake 2199 Half Kg
Poodle Dog Birthday Cake 2199 Half Kg
Pomeranian Face Cake 2199 Half Kg
Labrador Face Cake 2199 Half Kg
Huskey Dog Birthday Cake 2199 Half Kg
Dachshund Dog Birthday Cake 2199 Half Kg
Corgi Face Dog Cake 2199 Half Kg
Beagle Dog Birthday Cake 2199 Half Kg

Order dog birthday cakes with delicious flavors:

There are many varieties of dog themed birthday cakes available that you can choose from. You can select and order on the basis of your preferences, your theme, your taste, etc. As your dog’s party is a special occasion, do not forget that you are not supposed to feed them the regular cake. The ingredients and sugar present in them can be harmful to your little fur friend. Thus, a dog theme cake must be specially made keeping in mind whatever is best for your dog. FaridabadCake has a special menu list of flavors that are extremely delicious and safe for dogs. Since chicken and mutton are important parts of most dogs, they constitute the majority of the flavors. Do not worry there are vegetarian options available too. Take a look at the exact list of flavors available:

Non-vegetarian options:

  • Chicken
  • Chicken and Carrot
  • Mutton
  • Chicken and Peanut Butter
  • Chicken and Liver

Vegetarian options:

  • Peanut Butter and Carrot
  • Pumpkin and Carrot
  • Apple and Banana

Order dog cake online from FaridabadCake in Delhi NCR

The most opted dog birthday cakes in Faridabad are dog face cake, puppy cake, etc. Whatever breed your dog belongs to, we can get it made. Labrador birthday cakes, Alsatian birthday cakes, Boxer birthday cakes, Beagle birthday cakes and so many more. You can choose your flavor, give the brief and ask for preparing the cake accordingly.

Other cake designs for dogs include dog picture cakes. You can select any picture of your dog, be it solo, with you, or with a family picture on the cake. Also, select a cake that is filled with your dog’s favorite treats. You can play around with it as you like it. The joy they will get after seeing this will be priceless and these are the moments Faridabad Cake believes in making for you.

Also, Faridabad Cake will help you with so many dog birthday cakes option on how to execute the cake. You’ll get special and personal attention from all the people that specialize in making your dog’s birthday extra special. You can also invite other doggo friends and their humans as well. For treating your awesome guests you can also get a dog cake or a puppy cake as a return gift. All of them will be super happy and wag their tail in happiness. It will be a sight to adore.

Make your dog’s special day extra special with a cake:

When it’s your four-legged friend’s birthday and you are planning a party, you want to give the responsibility of making a cake to someone who makes it with love and delivers the best. The best thing about Faridabad Cake is that will take care of all your requirements. You can give them the brief and be worry-free about the quality, taste, neatly done designs and of course on-time delivery. The design of dog themed birthday cake will be proper and will do justice to the thought that you have put into planning it. Your imagination will turn into reality and your party will become the talk of the town.

You can order any flavor you like from the shop and Faridabad Cake will take care of the rest. No matter what, good quality and fresh cakes are our forte. There will be no compromise when it comes to this. If you order the cake online, our delivery team will drop the parcel at your doorstep. We have the best team of delivery executives. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority.

A dog shaped cake or a dog theme cake is best made by those who are skilled and know their business. To include fun and delicious in a cake is nothing less than art. And for that making, FaridabadCake can be your go-to place. Faridabad Cake also takes the responsibility for on-time cake delivery in Delhi and cake delivery in Gurgaon. You can also easily order dog cake online on the same day as your occasion. You will surely be amazed by the service!


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