Amazing Gift Ideas for First Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is not an ordinary occasion that comes once a year and reminds couples of the completion of a year of their wedding. It is quite more than this. It is a symbol of togetherness, companionship, happiness, and successful journey of two bodies with a single target. Since decades, married couples have been exchanging gifts on their first wedding anniversaries. There is a long list of traditional and modern gifts in the form of flowers, paper gifts, decoration items, clothing and dresses, sweets, electronic products, and designer cakes. It is quite clear that no gift will convey a message of love if it misses a cake. That is why you need to find two gifts packed in a box and delivered to your doorstep. It is modern world and online gifts have flooded in the market. Just choose something different this occasion and create the right ambiance innately.  

Gift Ideas for First Wedding Anniversary

Amazing gifts to garner the wedding anniversary

Apart from an anniversary cake, you need an additional gift to take things to the next level. When it comes to buying a gift for the first wedding anniversary, you should peep out in the history to know what a wedding anniversary gift means. Traditionally, it is a paper gift theme that matters the most. On the other hand, it is the clock as modern gift themes that are a kind of self-explanatory. These themes are popular in US, UK or other parts of the world abundantly. If you have fed up of sharing old-fashioned and repetitive ideas to impress your partner, then think beyond existing ideas that create a poor impression. Let’s be creative and use your brain to cook up some mesmerizing ideas to take things to the next level.              

An airline ticket, a concert ticket, a sports event ticket, a museum ticket, or a musical event ticket in the form of a paper will go some magic. You can take a replica of these tickets and frame theme as a token of remembrance of your first wedding anniversary. A customized handmade portrait of the married couples in their leisure moments will simply catch all eyes. A custom wedding bouquet painting has the power to turn all heads with a single glimpse. A custom desktop Instagram photo calendar is really hard to resist. Now, move ahead and find out which cake type will rock the party with a bang.

Designer cakes you can’t miss on the occasion of a wedding anniversary

Happy first-anniversary wishes cake with the name of the couple on the top is the easiest option you can go with to end your search for a cake gift for celebrating a wedding anniversary.  These days online cake shops leave no stone unturned to cater the changing needs of their cake lovers. Putting a special emphasis on design, size, type, taste, flavor, online cake shops in Delhi NCR come out with loads of cake options from the bag of leading cake designers. Opt for the best-selling wedding anniversary cakes in the form of a tiered designer cake, a heart-shaped designer cake, a round-shaped designer cake, a rectangle-shaped designer cake, or a designer photo cake to give a new meaning to the occasion of your first wedding anniversary. A photo cake carrying the most exquisite images of the married couple is enough to give the married couple an edge.

Now, you have gone through lots of ideas to make the first wedding anniversary meaningful and valuable. Being a modern tech-savvy, you also have a good idea of what is available in the online and offline market. So, be smart and get ready to place an online order and add more colors to the upcoming event in an effective manner. Both of you will feel happy and excited to see a real gift that is waiting outside. Thanks to the online cake shop, designer cakes, cake delivery boy, and midnight cake delivery service for making things happen in your favor. If you have a great idea that you think will work, you ask cake designers for adding a twist to the tale right now.

Birthday Gifts for Your Long Distance Girlfriend

A close friend living far away from you misses you, without any doubt; but there is something that binds you and we call this bondage a relationship. Things are more interesting and spicy when it is your girlfriend who lives in any part of the world, including geographical locations of Delhi NCR. It can be her birthday, her work anniversary, or women’s day when she expects you to be close to her and celebrate the occasion in a never before way. It is quite clear that your girlfriend loves to have many gifts with chocolates and flowers. That is why you need to please her with lots of gifts on her anniversaries with the best birthday cake, fresh flowers, and a lovely gift that reminds her of your importance. If yes, get ready to make a big difference and find out what this internet world has for her.

Gifts for Your Long Distance Girlfriend

Birthday gifts your girlfriend will certainly like

Gifts have their own relevance as they make a meeting more meaningful without speaking even a single world. From flowers to dress and from gadgets to ornaments, there is a long list of gifts that are ready to rock. When it comes to gifting a woman, especially your girlfriend, you need to be a little bit smart. You know your girlfriend better even she is living at a distance. Following birthday gifts available online and offline can do wonders.

  • A thoughtful photo album or frame
  • A unique LED-equipped card
  • An Amazon or Flipkart gift as a surprise pack
  • A secret message box
  • A wow gift hamper with flower decoration
  • A personalized cushion carrying a couple image
  • A personalized mug reminding her your presence with every sip

All these are real birthday cake gifts that your woman deserves. Let’s move ahead and find what cake types are available online to add more twist to the tale.

chocolate cake for birthday

Birthday gifts without cake will not work

If you love her, ensure that a birthday gift without a cake will never work. So, think twice as it is her birthday. There is a long list of cake products you can easily find at online cake stores. They deal in the selling and supplying of a wide and exhaustive variety of cakes. It is you who will decide what to choose from an unending list of yummy and palatable cakes.  

A romantic birthday cake for the girlfriend with name and photo is going to win the race for you. A photo cake will certainly will her heart. It would be great if you can stun her at midnight when she has least expected it from you. Believe that she will erupt with happiness. A floating heart cake, a colorful red rose cake, a special black forest cake, a naughty adult cake or a red velvet heart cake will garner the occasion in an effective manner.                                                        

Now, you have a good idea of what is available in the market and what makes her feel excited. It is high time to place an online order and get ready to stun your girlfriend with a real gift that is waiting outside her home, even at midnight. Thanks to midnight cake delivery service. If you need a great idea, ask cake designers for a possible solution.

Every Cake Box Has a Different Story

Cakes combined with a bouquet of flowers together craft a great gift for your near and dear ones. Surprise can be different but in common you would find a cake with various designs. If it’s your lovely sister’s birthday or you wish to congratulate her for winning the competition, order cake online. Online cake purchasing and free delivery at the doorstep for your sister living in Faridabad is the best way to make her feel happy. Cake and flower delivery in Faridabad is available with doorstep delivery and it is just required to visit online. The story of the cake would be somewhat special to surprise your father on eve of his birthday.

A number of cake boxes are unboxed whereby there is always different story behind it. The cake box would mix up a number of the untold and unknown story for various occasions. Cakes are associated with different designs as per the occasion and requirement. Some of the commonly celebrated occasions are Birthday, anniversary, farewell, engagement announcement, valentine day, teacher’s day, friendship day, father’s day mother’s day and a number of more other auspicious occasions. For any of the occasion, you wish to celebrate cake is the essential ingredient of celebration. Every cake is unboxed with different celebration and variable reasons where a number of people are mixed to celebrate the occasion.


With every opened cake box there is different flavor and taste of love, delight, and happiness. Either its photo cake online delivery or the other amazing designed cakes are available. All you need is the reason for celebration and cake will always be at your doorsteps whereby midnight or anytime delivery options are always open to the box and complete the story of celebration.

There are many reasons for celebration for which you would wish to get cake ordered and delivered. This is the reason it is said that every cake box has a different story with own reason for celebration. Stores with every cake or varies from individual to individual. Stories of cakes make the legend history for every individual and the celebration are the other enrollment.

For every special occasions and celebration, stories are created and cake is the important part of it. By ordering the cake with any design and taste you wish for, you can create cake story of your own with love shared through every bite of cake. Multiple stories you might have read about cake, most of the time the story is of luck, and the other time it’s of love. Mysterious cake stories can also be created for any theme celebration you would have thought of.

It is quite clear that every cake box has a different story to tell because this cake box can be for anyone. It can be for a kid, for parents, for lovers, and for couples. No matter who has ordered the online cake but the main thing that catches all eyes is the happiness that you get while opening the cake box? A cake box and some flowers delivered to your doorsteps are bound to induce a flawless smile on your face. So, get ready to bring home happiness this occasion with a cake box that means only happiness.

How to Bake Almond Cakes with Chocolate or Cherry?

The delicious cake with a bottle of Campion is enough to start the party. But a cake baked at your home is your choice; you need not worry about it. A number of the recipe books are there to help you bake the cake that is available on your tabletop. You would also Google it and get the answer, but now if this time you need to bake a luscious almond cake with chocolate or cherry, you have stepped right place.

Recipe for Almond Cakes

Complete details about the way to bake an almond cake with chocolate or cherry are certainly going to be loved by you. From cooking to baking time everything can be known, whereby most of the time you seek help from a bakery in Faridabad or your nearby area. But to know about the way and bake you need to go. Here you can find complete info to bake the cake whereby appropriate idea to bake an almond cake with chocolate or cherry along with a photo or other designs can be found.

Almond chocolate cake

There are a number of designer cakes ideas you can find with the taste of almond along with cherry and chocolate to bake. To bake this cake you need butter, almond, chocolate or cherry along with eggs if you wish. Put your apron and get the recipe started, where you need to pull out the food processor and add whole almonds and use the good quality floor. It is needed to grind the almond and keep some whole almond as well. You would find this cake to be very tasty and your children would love to eat this.

Further going with the process is, add the mixture of flour mixed with eggs. While mixing the mixture you would find stiff mixture but you need not worry about it. Make the batter with eggs and floor, to sweeten add sugar or sweetener and add grind almond. Bake it in the oven and after that add frosted chocolate layer by layer, bake the cake for few more time. Now you need red cherry handpicked, cut or without making the cut.

Get your cake out of the oven and add butter with few fried almonds and for final touch add cherry and serve it to your family. Baking the cake this way will make your Sunday or the day you wish to celebrate. For more taste add pieces of almonds with frost chocolate before baking the cake. Busy moms can find better opportunity to get cake baked. It is just easier wherein you need to buy cake powder from the market and add almond. Moreover, the taste of cake can be taken without cooking whereby there is an option for photo cake online, simple and cute cake with almond and chocolate added or excluded cherry.

Now, this content has clearly proven how you can easily bake almond cakes with chocolate or cherry. If you are still not convinced how you can make a big difference, you better take help from leading cake designers at your cake shops. They will definitely come out with a better outcome for you.

Vegan Red Velvet Cake for Valentine’s Day 2018

Oh yes, how could one forget 14th February is coming; the day which is known for lovers who is not only the girlfriend and boyfriend. A lover can be anyone as like, mother, sister, brother, wife,  and daughter. The day is to show great affection and love where emotion and affection are different from usual days. Gifts, decorations, planning’s and surprises are the prime part of valentine day which is usually seen. For this year 2018, there would also be pre planning’s to execute and celebrate the day by showering love with a different way. Apart from a number of surprises, cake adds the life and this is the way for anyone to impress their love. Vegan red velvet cake is usually the mostly demanded cake in the market for Valentine’s Day celebrations. And as expected this would also be there this year.

Vegan red velvet cake

Red is the color mostly found everywhere on the eve of valentine day. Red costumes, red flowers, red carpets, red vine, and lot more. Red vegan velvet cake suits the most with the red colored theme. There is love in the air and everywhere on Valentine day and one can celebrate the day with amazing surprises. But if in case your love is apart, there are cute options to make their day. All you need to do is send the cake and get love showered back with a smile of satisfaction. Vegan velvet red cake is mostly ordered so for same day cake order to get it delivered it gets difficult. But if someone is there in Faridabad you would find online delivery as the best option to opt and send a cake to Faridabad to celebrate 2018 valentine day.

Any size cake you wish for; according to the celebration, it can be ordered. Lovely vegan red velvet half kg cake is enough for two to get delivered and celebrate the occasion. Either you wish to celebrate in day or night anytime the celebration can be made.

Now a day’s choice for delivery has changed and midnight cake delivery is in more demand. With the thought to surprise your love, you can start the celebration from 12 o clock by sending a midnight cake. Or cake can be delivered at midnight as per the requirement. Midnight cake delivery in Faridabad and nearby areas are available. It is just needed to order as per the choice and with beautiful vegan red velvet cake, you can begin your celebration altogether.

Now, you have a good idea on how to have a red velvet cake for Valentines’ Day 2018. You can try your hands to get something unique for the upcoming occasion that is very close to your heart. If you find things not coming your way, you better ask cake experts for a big solution and get everything ready without spending even a single second. Just place an order and get a lovely cake wrapped in a box delivered to your doorstep and get a genuine reason to throw a party instantly.

Do you know the Savory Side of Carrot Cake

All of us have heard of cakes and carrots. Have you ever heard of a carrot cake? Yes, you are right. It is a cake that has carrots mixed properly into the batter (thin dough used for making cake). The story of a cake is very old. There are some pieces of evidence of such cake from the medieval period where people used carrot pudding. With the progress of time, people started using carrots in place of sugar as a sweetener as it was very costly. Now the thing is how a carrot cake makes things happen. It is a moist and dark cake you like to get laid on your tabletop with the unique touch of the following ingredients—raisins, walnuts, sweetly spiced with clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. A tangy cream-cheese frosting can make things happen in your favor. If you love to have such a lovely cake, go for an online cake order in Faridabad and let the party begins.

It is hard to get a carrot cake in the form of a photo cake. But you can ask cake designers for a solution. If it works, you will get a carrot cake. If you don’t know what a carrot cake is and how it is made, all you need to know is carrot cake recipes from scratch to make the most out of vegetable-based cakes. If you want to try things at home yourself with a few instructions available online, you start things with a simple carrot cake recipe.

carrot cake
Photo Souce: Google

The important ingredients that are vital for making a carrot cake:

  • 6 cups grated carrots;
  • 1 cup brown sugar;
  • 1 cup raisins;
  • 4 eggs;
  • One and a half cups white sugar;
  • 1 cup vegetable oil;
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract;
  • 1 cup crushed pineapple,
  • Drained;
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour;
  • One and a half teaspoons baking soda;
  • 1 teaspoon salt;
  • 4 teaspoons ground cinnamon,
  • 1 cup chopped walnuts.

You can also add all ingredients of your choice to the list of your preference. It is also vital for you to know the temperature needed to heat the oven: 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Mix all ingredients in a proper manner and bake the stuff for 45 to 50 minutes. When everything is ready and cooled, you better frost the stuff with cream cheese frosting.

With right instructions from leading cake designers or online, you can easily know the process of making a moist carrot cake or a carrot cake with pineapple and other fruit mixes. Making a carrot cake recipe is quite easy. You need to know all sorts of carrot cake ingredients and carrot cake frosting to be a proud cake maker. If you want everything ready for a big occasion ahead, just opt for designer cakes and get ready to kick the occasion off in a stylish way.

Decorating Cakes in Patterns That Stand Apart

Decorating cakes with alluring designs, add-on joy and pomp to celebrate a special occasion, is something one would certainly look for. Cake decoration with different patterns; according to choice and need adjoin flavors to spread more love and joy and hence makes a remarkable occasion. With multiple designs and desired flavors, featuring springtime to the winter season, cakes in the heart or other shapes roll on with the extra addition of taste.

In older times, cakes were available in specific designs but with a change in time, cake demand started increasing and people started looking forward to cakes that stand apart. Now innovations and creations have taken greater steps ahead whereby designers create amazing cakes that stand apart.

cake decorating
  Photo source: Google

Designer Cakes for Online Order

Now it’s easy to enjoy the occasion and celebrate it with cuts less making scenario. Decorated cakes with different patterns stand apart from your imagination to provide you feel of something really special. Online order for cake makes your work easier with doorsteps delivery. Epic cake with alluring designs makes celebration worth. With exciting online cakes, delivery offers you can get the mouth-watering cake delivered to the destination.

Photo Cakes are Trending with Tradition

Giving a beautiful surprise is everyone’s choice and especially when it is about someone special in your life. Photo cakes are more into demand for offline cake order, but there is the availability of online photo cake order which provides an ease to your work. Being with your loved one and giving time, is an easier task now whereby cake pictograph with special moment would be easily available at the required location.

photo cake

Cake Decoration and Online Cake Delivery

Google search box for people in Faridabad was usually filled with customers looking for online cake delivery in Faridabad. But as the result, no appropriate result was found. For Faridabad’s cake lovers, it has become very easy to get online cake delivery in Faridabad at any location. Be it birthday, New Year celebration, marriage anniversary, or other; hassle-free online delivery of cake with amazing designs is easy to get delivered to doorsteps.

Midnight Cake Delivery with Custom Designs

Apart from surprising gifts and decorations, being in Faridabad you would look forward to midnight cake. Midnight surprise with cake is something beyond dear one’s expectations. To make special moments turn more exceptional, midnight cake delivery in Faridabad is out of the box. With delivery boy delivering the heart-shaped cake, minion cake or the other decorative cake patterns standing apart, the joy of celebration would be ever memorable and markable.

Freshly-baked cakes at night or anytime with different patterns would certainly provide essence and taste of something special whereby opening the surprise box is just the delay.

Let Us Buy Cake For All Occasions

There is a long list of festivals and important occasions that we like to celebrate in the company of our near and dear ones with a bang. No matter the occasion is big or small, the prime thing is the meaning of the occasion and happiness associated with it. It is quite clear that festival and events bring happiness and fun around and give everyone a reason to stay together and spend some quality time. All celebrations need a proper planning, from arranging decorative items to food items. Above all, sweets play a vital role and cakes add more appeal and colors to the ongoing event in an effective manner. Thanks to the sellers and suppliers of a variety of cake types available around and anniversary cakes online. With the following lines, readers will be able to know more about a few cake types and their association with a number of events and occasions.

Prime occasions that make you bring home a lovely cake

In all corners of Delhi NCR, including Faridabad, online cake shops are ready to take things to the next level. The only thing matters the most is the choice of cake lovers and a right occasion. An occasion can be an individual moment or a collective event and this event clearly needs the participation of people around you. Without a feast, you can’t make the event go on. With a cake, things become favorable and make everyone around feel connected. Following are some of the prime occasions that will compel you to place an online cake order and get the same delivered at your doorstep with the help of a free or a paid anniversary or birthday cake delivery. These include:

Birthday Cake and Anniversary Cake – Why always ordniary cakes on birthday and anniversray? Lets choose some creative and amazing theme and give a beautiful birthday and anniversary suprises to each other. 

Chocolate cake online cake delivery in faridabad

Valentine’s Day Cake and Wedding Cake – Valentine is coming on their way. And you should prepare to yourself to send and recieve valetine suprises for entire valentine week. 

Baby Shower Cake and Mother’s Day Cake – A cute and adorable baby shower cake. A baby shower themed cake design really looks so charming and delicious. Book baby shower cake and give suprise to new mommy. 

baby shower cake-online cake delivery in faridabad
baby shower cake

Christmas Cake and New Year Cake – Well people enjoyed their new year and Xmas celebrations. We also love to baked new cake deisgn on Xmas and new year 2018 for our customers. 

Father’s Day Cake and Engagement Cake – Surprises for parents are always blissful. And we should always reay to give suprises for parents. Let’s book and order for your parents and give suprise in the midnight

Teachers’ Day and Annaprashan Cake – A special day should special treatment, wheather it’s for kids, parents, friends or anybody from the world. You should ready yourself to give presents to their loved ones. 

DAD Cake-online cake delivery in faridabad
DAD Cake

Company Anniversary Cake and Bachelor Party Cake – Are you enterprenour? Which anniversray is coming up? Let’s choose the company anniversary cake design and celebrate your success with entire team members. 

Farwell Cake and Live-in Relationship Anniversary Cake – Farewell cake for your friends, grand parents, would be a pleasnt suprises ever.  Don’t think much and just book a beautiful cake for farewell party

When the stage is set and you just need to welcome the occasion with your own real efforts. If you have fed up of bringing traditional cake types, it is high time to bring home a New Mexican taste in the form of Tres leches cake which is a sponge cake that you will find completely mixed and wrapped with evaporated and condensed milk supported by a  popular heavy cream or sour cream. Another lovely cake that will steal the show is Victoria sponge cake. This cake is highly popular in England. Interestingly, this cake has been named after Queen Victoria who loved to have this cake during her afternoon tea. With stuff of raspberry jam, whipped double cream, vanilla cream, and dusted with caster sugar, this cake is quite ready to get laid on the top of your table. This cake is good for you if you want to bring home a cake that makes Victorians feel happy.

Both cake types are good for all occasions and the only thing you have to do is to choose the best product suiting you senses and need of the ongoing event. If you like any of the mentioned above cake types for your personal events, you better talk to cake designers for a better outcome and find a lovely cake for fun and noise through a birthday cake delivery in Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon at any point of time. Be it a day or late night, online cake shops are always ready to extend a helping hand without any biases. Just express what suits you the best and you will be able to bang the big occasion in the easiest manner. 

Lip Smacking Cakes You Can’t Miss at Your Next Birthday Party

This article throws a light upon some of the top lip smacking cakes types fit for a birthday party celebrated in Faridabad. This content will also let you know why these cakes are lip smacking.

Lip Smacking Cakes

Cakes are an essential part of every birthday party

A birthday party is all about enjoying happiness and having some happy time in the company of near and dear ones. A birthday party wouldn’t be accomplished without the perfect cake. That is why you should have a lovely cake that can impress all and make a big difference to the occasion for which it is actually meant for. From chocolate to vanilla, there is a long list of cake types that are ready to be a part of your table. The prime thing is that what type of cake you think will bring everything in your favor. In Faridabad, there are lots of cake shops that deal in the selling and supplying of all sorts of designer cakes and lip smacking cakes via cakes delivery in Faridabad. Let’s have a look at some of the quality products that can make your party.

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Cake & Flower Delivery In Faridabad

It would be a wonderful discount offer for all visitors who stay in Faridabad, Get free home cake & flower delivery in Faridabad for your special occasions. Just pick up your phone and call us on 9718108300 to book your favourite cake and flower set.

Give unlimited surprises to your loved ones from your family and friend circle and capture the moments of happiness surrounding you.

Ones your loved ones get smiled you will automatically start smiling.

This is the time to give midnight surprise and make everyday like a special day. Get midnight cake delivery in faridabad at your doorsteps. Choose best set of cake and flower from FaridabadCake.

Cake & Flower Delivery in Faridabad

Cakes to India

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