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  • Teachers Day Special Cupcakes

    Teachers Day Special Cupcakes

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  • Friendship Day Special Cupcakes

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  • Best Friends Forever Cupcakes

    Best Friends Forever Cupcakes

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  • Friendship Day Chocolate Cupcakes

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  • Yummy Anniversary Cupcakes

    Yummy Anniversary Cupcakes

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  • Football Themed Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Dad Cupcakes

    Dad Cupcakes

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  • Fathers Day Special Cupcakes

    Fathers Day Special Cupcakes

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  • I Love Dad Cupcakes

    I Love Dad Cupcakes

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  • Vanilla Cream Cupcakes

    Vanilla Cream Cupcakes

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  • Classic Vanilla Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Classic Vanilla Cupcakes (S...

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  • Classic Strawberry Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Strawberry Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Strawberry Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Yummy Strawberry Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Yummy Strawberry Cupcakes (...

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  • Butterscotch Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Butterscotch Cupcakes (Set ...

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  • Funfetti Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Funfetti Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Tutti Frutti Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Tutti Frutti Cupcakes (Set ...

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  • Chocolate Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Chocolate Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Velvet Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Velvet Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Yummy Chocolate Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Red Velvet Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Red Velvet Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Truffle Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Truffle Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Fathers Day Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Fathers Day Cupcakes (Set o...

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  • Anniversary Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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  • Farm Theme Cupcakes (Set of 6)

    Farm Theme Cupcakes (Set of 6)

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Order Cupcakes online to celebrate special celebrations

Cakes are an important part of any celebration. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions, academic achievements, festivals, etc. we can never celebrate anything without a delicious and special cake. However, apart from ordering those classic cakes, people are now preferring to try out something different and out of the box. Pinata cakes, fondant cakes, and of course cupcakes online are the top favorites on the list.

When it comes to cupcakes, it is the most convenient form of cake. It’s tasty, it’s tiny, and you can gift it to anyone easily and even enjoy it on the go. This is what makes it a perfectly suited option for gifting. If you are salivating and thinking of ordering one right for you. You can order your favorite cupcakes online from FaridabadCake and get them delivered instantly.

Cupcake Type/Flavors Prices
Vanilla Cupcake [6 pcs] 599
Strawberry Cupcake [6 pcs] 599
Butterscotch cupcake [6 pcs] 599
Funfetti Cupcakes [6 pcs] 649
Tutti Frutti Cupcakes [6 pcs] 649
Chocolate Cupcakes [6 pcs] 699
Red Velvet Cupcakes [6 pcs] 699

Tiny and tasty special cupcakes that make your celebrations more memorable:

If you are planning to have cupcakes for your next event, occasion, celebration or special day, there are various categories of cupcakes to choose from. If you are planning your next special occasion, you can get your cupcakes customized. Choose the color and topping according to your liking and enjoy. You can also get a photo print cup cakes design for your friends, family, or loved ones. FaridabadCake also gives you the option of eggless and vegetarian cupcakes. If the person you are ordering for does not consume eggs. If you want to add more deliciousness to your plain cupcakes, you can go with the ones with a filling inside. These will come as a surprise when you take a bite!

Choose from a variety of classic and experimental cupcakes options:

Now that we have looked upon what kind of cupcakes for birthday or other events can be ordered. The next step is to decide which flavor we want to go with. Some yummilicious options include classic and timeless flavors like Strawberry cupcakes, Pineapple cupcakes, Mix fruit cupcakes, Butterscotch cupcakes, Chocolate cupcakes, and Vanilla cupcakes. If you want to try something different, or unique. Choose experimental flavors like Red velvet cupcakes, Lotus Biscoff cupcakes, Coffee flavored cupcakes, Oreo cupcakes, and Ferrero Rocher cupcakes.

Another best thing about cupcakes is that everyone loves them. Right elders and especially kids; all enjoy a tiny little cupcake as a dessert in their celebration. You can also order cupcakes online for your kid’s birthdays. A cupcake as tiny as theirs will make them smile even more. They are so delicious that they satisfy your sweet cravings and make you joyous and cheerful. Get it customized, add a special touch, and play with colors and designs. You can also order cupcakes instead of regular cakes for your office colleagues and other special dates as well. Make it fun, make it yours and get your dream delivered only with FaridabadCake. So, what better time than now to order cupcakes online and treat yourself?

Send cupcakes online to Delhi NCR from FaridabadCake

You have a lot of different plans and thoughts in your mind to make a birthday anniversary or any other celebration special. If you choose FaridabadCake as a part of your celebrations; it’ll ensure the delivery of super delicious cupcakes and additional desserts. It aims to cater to all kinds of people. And their preferences for different styles, types, and flavors for the cake menu. The best part is that FaridabadCake will help you in bringing in your special day with a midnight cake delivery as well.

Along with basic cakes, it gives you the option of a variety of out-of-the-box designs. People at FaridabadCake also help and assist you in choosing a particular option of cake design if you get a little too confused. Whether it is a countdown for your wedding. Or the win of your favorite cricket team, whether it is a homely affair or a grand gala event. Whether it is a brunch with family or a night out with your friends. Whether it is a planned date or a surprise party take, whether it is a happy day or a tough day. Just remember, FaridabadCake will be your best pick for a cute cupcake design. So, when you can enjoy a delicious dessert by ordering cupcakes online from the comfort of your home, what are you waiting for? Order now!


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