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Half Kg Cake for birthday online

Faridabacake is one of the leading cake shops that offers world-class half kg cakes. Order your half kg cake online from an authentic cake shop. We have a huge collection of 500gm cakes in various designs and flavors. 500gm cake is considered perfect for small family celebrations. If you want to deliver the cake to your loved ones then feel free to contact us and get same-day free delivery. Call us at 9289561965 and book your order for a half kg cake and get free home delivery in Faridabad.

Cakes By Occasion Cake Types Cake By Size
Birthday Multi-Tier Cake 500gm
Anniversary Heart Shaped Cake 1kg
Engagement Photo Print Cake 1.5kg
Baby Shower Cartoon Cake 2kg

Get The Best Quality Half Kg Cake Ever

Several occasions demand a nice and fluffy cake. It might be your birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. You can buy an amazing half kg Cake from FaridabadCake. Faridabad offers a lesser price for 500gm than the standard pricing. We have a large selection of half kg cake designs. Faridabad Cake also has a very affordable half kg cake price along with a variety of extra discounts.

One of the major milestones of our life is our birthday. With us, you can get the best half kg birthday cake in many designs and flavors. The best thing about is that we offer a lot of contemporary themes. These themes include space, history, pop culture, and many more. You can select the best one as per what suits your party. If you are planning on getting an add-on to the gift of a person, then cakes are the best option.

In bakeries nowadays, it is difficult to find a variety of designs and tastes for a half kg cake. There are several options available to you. Chocolate cake is our specialty. We have some lovely half kg chocolate cake. Our half kg chocolate cake price is pretty low and reasonable too. Flavors, such as black forest, pineapple, and black currant, are also available with us.

Order customized half kg birthday cakes online

We may also customize the design of your cake to your wishes. You can place your order ahead of time so that our skilled artists can do their best for you. Besides design, we also provide excellent taste. We have egg and eggless alternatives that are both wonderful. You may also change the amount of sugar in the cake. Our cakes are light and fluffy, with plenty of frosting on top. Being one of our specialties, our red velvet cake price half kg is reasonable and affordable. You can get it with unique messages, customizations, and toppings too.

We are very conscious about the health of our customers. We make sure that we fetch the right kind of ingredients. All our raw materials are farm fresh and organic. We also use the freshest milk and eggs for our cakes. After all, we need to make sure that our customer has the best quality food.

Same-day & Midnight Delivery of half kg birthday cakes

Faridabad offers a large selection of cakes to choose from. Now make your mini-event a memorable occasion. You can customize our existing half-kg cakes or request a new design. FaridabadCake keeps up with all the latest themes and trends. Mini cake designs include bento cakes, lunch box cakes, and pinata cakes.

With us, you can find all the best qualities in one place. Be it price, taste, or design, we tick off all the boxes. We go above and beyond to ensure that every customer receives the finest services. FaridabadCake also provides services online. You may use this to place orders with us from the comfort of your own home. We provide the greatest pricing and services available anywhere. Order now and relish the best cakes ever!


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