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Please your taste buds with the all-new and delicious Pinata Cakes

Pinata cakes mark all kinds of celebrations, from birthdays to celebrating love. And having cakes do not really need an occasion; just because you feel like having a cake, order one and savor the flavors, it has to offer. Treat yourself to this delicacy and elevate your mood when happy or really upset. And what better than a chocolate cake to work this magic? No one can say no to cakes not just because of how they taste but also the varying presentations that can be made on special orders. Make your special moments even more memorable with the all-new pinata cake with a hammer.

Piñata cakes with hammers are one of the trendy options today. It’s not just because of the look but the concept involved in making them. We all have a child in us, that wants to come out. As breaking piñatas on birthdays was the favorite part for all of us, we try to make you relive those times. With our chocolate piñata cake that comes in two shapes- round and heart you can choose according to the occasion. We bring you the idea of reaching for the luscious baked caked or other delicacies after you break the outer layer with the hammer, which is like a bonus to the cake. The birthday cake smashing gives you joy and also brings you a mouth-watering surprise inside.

Cake Type Prices
Chocolate Pinata cake 1599
Knock Knock Pinata Cake 1599
Pinata Surprise Cake 1699
Baby Shower Pinata Cake 1599
Heart-shaped pinata cake 1599

Try your hands at this beautiful delicacy and avail best services.

The design is just limited to round piñata cakes and heart shape piñata cakes because the use of a hammer works best with these shapes. If this upsets you, don’t worry because the sweet surprise inside is completely dependent on your choice. And you also get to choose the icing for the piñata. From red velvet to black forest, to pineapple, and to a wide variety of different chocolate cakes, you can have it all in heart-shaped cakes from our bakery.

In this world full of new startup ideas of which bakeries are a major part, we thrive on our skills to satisfy customers. We ensure that our bakeries maintain hygienic conditions and perfect temperatures. We continue to prove our excellence by giving consumers the best quality cakes. Including freshness, impeccable taste, luring flavors, and pleasing designs. Now you can get it all at your doorstep! Just look over the internet for piñata cakes with hammer online and avail of the home delivery service.

Amplify the festivities with tempting cakes at reasonable prices

Want a piñata cake for birthday or a pinata cake for anniversary? We bring it to you in all imaginable flavors. But our chocolate piñata cake is a bestseller as it is the most relished flavor. Surprise your loved ones with our cakes, they are tasty and made beautiful with the decorative elements in them, such as the edible pearls and small heart flowers in the piñatas. Without bothering about the prices, you can demand the desired cake’s shape and flavor. Because our Hammar cake price is economical and also use the offers that we give out on special occasions.


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