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15 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

A girl simply loves surprises and gifts – even if it’s just a normal day. Imagine her expectation level from you when it’s her Birthday! Your test starts now!!

They say girls or women would die for a pleasant surprise any day. Maybe this is why they fall for you if you pamper them with tenderness, affection and gentle love. But when it comes to the birthday of your girlfriend, you simply cannot rely on the same old conventional and generic gifts like small jewelry items, flowers, chocolates or soft toys.

Birthday Cake and Flowers are Essential – But These aren’t Gifts!

Flowers and bouquets serve as the key element when you are greeting someone special. Similarly, a delicately prepared cake is considered as the shooter element of your party. Never misunderstand these two items with any kind of gifts, especially when you are talking about the birthday of your girlfriend. Sending a cake to your girlfriend’s place right at 12:00 AM through midnight cake delivery facility is a wonderful way to surprise her. If the cake is clubbed with a good smelling flower bouquet or a bunch of chocolates or a cute soft toy, your girlfriend would certainly like this gesture of wishing Happy Birthday!

birthday cake and flower for girl

In localities like Delhi, Noida or Faridabad, players like FaridabadCake and YummyCake are renowned to offer online midnight cake delivery in Faridabad and all the neighboring Delhi NCR areas. Moreover, these are known for a wide range of cake varieties – ranging from various flavors to the designs. Photo cakes are also trending these days when it comes to cake delivery. You just need to share the desired photograph you wish to get embedded on the cake with the cake bakery near you, and the cake would be delivered at home right on time. Apart from these photo cakes, you can also choose from a wide range of number cakes, layered cakes, heart-shaped cakes etc.

Top Birthday Gift Ideas for Girlfriend:

Girls are, usually, very particular and choosy about their stuff and gifts. They always look out for the utility of the items first and then consider if the particular item would suit on their social image/lifestyle.
1. Love Icons:
As far as romance is concerned, you can easily club items with your personalized love messages or photographs. Gifting heart-shaped cushions, personalized mugs, love key-chains, soft toys, love bracelets, photo frames etc. has been trending in the society for too long – but it is never boring or out of fashion. Girls love to have such items in their bedroom, or attached to the dressing table and so on – especially when they are gifted by their loved ones.

2. Jewelry:

If your girlfriend is a jewelry lover, she would always prefer accepting elegant stone items or precious metal items as birthday gifts – especially from you. You can look out for small pendants, bangles, bracelets or anklets that signify your love towards her. Such jewelry items always depict the true bonding between both of you.

Jewellery for girls

3. Accessories:

For accessory loving girls, there is a wide range of items to choose from. The market is loaded with wrist watches, handbags, sunglasses, belts, wallets, footwear, and fancy dresses. But it is always recommended that accessories should not be presented as surprise gifts. Since girls are very particular and choosy about the fir and color of their accessories, so you might take her girlfriend along with you for shopping instead of purchasing something for her on your own.

Accessories for girlfriend birthday4. Books and Magazines:

If your beloved loves to stay at home while reading novels or healthy cookbooks, then certainly you should gift her some classy books to read. It can be a novel from her favorite writer or any book/magazine that can enhance learning.

books and magazines

5. Make-Up Kits:

Being self-obsessed is not at all bad. In fact, for girls, it is an art. And obsession is always enhanced with fine makeup. So, if your girl loves to wear make-up, gift her some finest items from a good brand.

makeup kit for girl

6. Gym and Sports Kits:

For sports-loving and fitness freak girls, it is always recommended to gift items that can be utilized in gyms or sports ground or during activities like morning jogging, yoga sessions, marathon sessions etc.

Gym and Sports Kits for girls

7. Outdoor Gears:

If your girlfriend loves traveling or wishes to go for hiking, trekking, and camping – you need to choose outdoor utility items. There is no harm in presenting outdoor utility items as birthday gifts.

Outdoor Gears

8. Perfumes:

Who doesn’t want to smell good? And especially when it comes to girls, they love to wear fantastic fragrances all the time. Look out for some popular brands in the market and gift her a special one.

Perfumes for Teenage Girls

9. Music Albums:

For all the music lovers, gifts like some popular albums by renowned artists are always wonderful. If your girl loves music, you can also take her to a live in concert program on her birthday. The best part is if she plays an instrument, you can always gift her the same as a birthday gift.

10. Photo Albums:

For the sophisticated and affectionate ones, gifting photo albums or collages from the sweet past memories is always fantastic.

photo album

11. Gadgets:

Keep an eye on your budget if your girl has a keen interest in gadgets! This industry can be a little expensive. However, you can always look out for options in the latest gadgets, mobile phones, etc. to gift to her loved one.

gadgets for girls

12. Decorative Items:

Ranging from Feng-Shui to Vaastu, you can search for a number of items that are good for decorative purpose as well as bring positive energy into the house. Girls also love receiving such items as gifts.

13. Dedicate Love Song / Poem or Leave a Love Note:

Doing something special for your loved one on her birthday matters the most. You can write a love note to her or gift her a self-written poem. This would be a wonderful surprise for her.

14. Party with Her Loved Ones and Close Friends:

Girls always feel comfortable and happy while partying with their loved ones or close friends. On your girlfriend’s birthday, you can throw a surprise party for her while inviting all her friends to a commonplace.

15. Candlelight Dinner or Private Celebration:

Devoting some special time to your girlfriend is again very essential on her birthday. Take out some time for a private lunch/dinner or even a movie. Take her out and make her feel special.

candle light dinner

Gifts ideas for your girlfriend can be endless, but you just need to figure out what fits best as per her lifestyle and nature. But, the foremost important element to keep in mind is ordering her favorite cake and decorating her living area with balloons that enhance joy and happiness.

Proposing a girl on her birthday multiplies joy… Convey your love easily with a photo cake delivered at home!!

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