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Creative birthday cake ideas for office employee

Is an office employee’s birthday approaching? Is your co-worker’s special day next week? Do you need some inspiration for a creative birthday cake? Do you need someone to do your work and fish out ideas for birthday cakes that could actually impress the staff without you having to work too hard? If you live in Faridabad or want to send your colleague a surprise there, you can simply choose FaridabadCake for online cake delivery in Faridabad. Whether you need half kg of cake, photo cake online, or any other cake you can simply contact them. Before you choose a birthday cake, try to find out the favorite flavor of the person for whom you are ordering the cake. In case you are ordering it for a team, the size of the cake should also be kept in mind. You can search for various cakes to chose just the one for your office staff.

birthday cake ideas for office staff
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Here’s a list of cool birthday cakes you can order online from FaridabadCake:

The Classic Designs

These are the evergreen, all-time favorite cake designs. There’s a reason Clichés sell, that’s because they work. These designs pass as the ultimate go-to cakes that work on all occasions, affordable, sappy, and delicious.

 For the Hard Worker

Some employees work their heads off in the offices all day long taking up all the workload and the pain of deadlines. Your dear co-worker deserves this special surprise. Pitch in a little more money and get an over-the-top cake for him/her.

birthday cake for hardworking employee

For the Sports Fan

There are these employees that pump up the air in the office with enthusiasm every time their favorite sport’s finale is on the TV. Surprise them with these special cakes, and they will forever remember you and cherish this day in their memories.

cake for sports lover

For the Fruit Lover

Some people just don’t like too much cream and all that chocolate craze. Think your co-worker is a sophisticated choosy person? Or maybe he’s a diet freak who wants to eat what ‘looks’ healthy. For them, you can even go for a sugarless cake or look for other alternatives. In case you want an eggless cake, you can also get it from FaridabadCake.

For the Fashion Hunk/Diva

Every single day for them is a fashion party, no matter where they go, the office floor is a ramp and on every occasion a beauty pageant. Wait, that’s not just for the divas, this is the 21st Century, and my office is a theatre, and there are also men who like to flaunt their style and follow the latest trends religiously.

cake for fashion diva

Humorous Cake

There is plenty of seriousness in the office on regular days; it’s a special day for your office employee, do you want to lighten the mood a little bit? Or do you just like to roast your friend on a regular basis? These are the perfect cakes for you.

For the Beer Lover
This person is always in search of excuses to drink. New Year, Thanksgiving, Promotion, Retirement, Success Party, Birthday? Let’s drink. Surprise your friend with a beer, but made up of cookie dough, cream, and fondue. Simply opt for online cake delivery in Faridabad and surprise your colleague or boss with the sweetness and beauty of the cake.

Are these ideas still not enough?
Sometimes you have to go on and pick a random option. Maybe try doing Eenie, Menie, Myniee, Mou? Just kidding! Check out the vast collection of cakes at FaridabadCake. Whether you need half kg of cake, one kg or even more, you can simply order the delicious cakes from them. Enjoy the delicacies they offer!

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