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Why Do We Put Candles on a Birthday Cake?

All of us like to celebrate our birthdays with great fun and pleasure in the presence of our near and dear ones. We leave no stone unturned to make all important occasions and events celebrated with sweet desserts—cakes. Cakes come in all sizes and types and garner the occasion of your birthday in an effective manner when you blow out candles settled on the top of the cake. Have you ever wondered why we blow out or put candles on the top of a happy birthday cake? No idea! Let consider some of the facts showing how we have been using candles for garnering the cake since decades. To solve this puzzle, we have to peep into the history.

The story of putting candles on the birthday cakes

First of all, it is a tradition that all of us have been following for many decades. The actual story of candles and cakes traces back to ancient Greeks who were used to offer candles to gods and goddess as offerings. It was Artemis, the great moon Greek goddess, who was directly associated with candles and cakes. People used to put candles on a cake in order to pay tribute to the Greek goddess. They used to bake the cake is a round shape that resembled the moon. Then, candles over the cake symbolized moonlight.

Long ago, placing candles on cakes have also been a popular tradition in Germany like other European countries. As far as Germans were concerned, they used to do the same for religious reasons. For them, this practice was a symbol of “the light of life.” Germans used to place a large candle on the cake only in the center. It was also believed that the smoke coming out from the candles carried the wishes and prayers birthday boys and girls to gods who reside in the skies. Other interesting beliefs also showed that the smoke helped to shoo away all sorts of evil spirits from the people who used to take part in a birthday party. Call it a superstition or a tradition; all of us still follow this practice in all parts of the world vehemently.

This practice can be good luck, a way to wish for something good, or a way to make a cake look illuminated. The main thing is that candles have been a part of the cake, they are still a part of the cake, and they are supposed to be a part of the cake forever. There are different candles that are ready to settle on the top of your cake and give you an edge. So, get ready and choose what candle types make you feel happy and satisfied.

These days, you can easily opt for designer cakes of all sizes and types, such as a half kg cake or a 1 kg cake, from the online world. To know more about the right way of placing candles on the top and give the cake a new look and appeal, you can ask cake experts for a great solution.

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